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  Transcriptions and Translations of
Records in Poland


War Memorials in Poland
  City/Village   Old Woj.   Memorial
Bukowsko   Krosno   Residents killed by Hitler and Stalin in WWII 1939-1948
Bukowsko   Krosno   Roman Catholic residents, old woj. Krosno, who died in the Nazi Concentration Camp in Auschwitz (Oświęcim)
Bydgoszcz   Bydgoszcz   Bydgoszcz People Killed in Nazi Reprisals December 11-14, 1943
Bydgoszcz   Bydgoszcz   Bydgoszcz WWII Soldiers in Pomeranian Military Museum
Chełmno   Konin   Chełmno War Memorial, Christians killed at Chełmno Nazi Death Camp, Autumn, 1939
Czermna (also includes
Ołpiny, Swoszowa,
Szerzyny, and Zurowa)
  Tarnów   Czermna War Memorial
Długie   Krosno   List of Długie Residents Killed During WWI
Dziekanowice   Poznań   Dziekanowice War Memorial
Gdańsk   Gdańsk   Gdańsk War Memorial (Westerplatte)
Konin   Konin   Memorial to the Teachers in the Powiat of Konin Killed During the War 1939-1945
Konary and Dziewa   Bydgoszcz   Residents of Konary and Dziewa killed during WWII
Lesko   Krosno   Memorial to the Polish people of Lesko who died at the hands of the U.P.A. during the years 1944-1947
Lesko   Krosno   Lesko WWI Soldiers Memorial
Leszno   Leszno   War Memorial, Leszno
Miedzychod   Gorzów Wielkopolski   Międzychód War Memorial
Niebieszczany   Krosno   People from the Parish of Niebieszczany Who Died During WWII and Akcja Wisła, 1939-1947
Nowa Wieś Wielka   Bydgoszcz   Nowa Wieś Wielka WWII Memorial in Nowa Wieś Wielka Cemetery
Otfinów   Tarnów   Otfinów WWII and Polish-Soviet War Memorial
Piłatowszczyzna   Białystok   Piłatowszczyzna War Memorial
Płock   Płock   Płock War Memorial
Rudy   Bydgoszcz   Rudy War Memorial
Sokołow Podlaska   Siedlce   Sokołow Podlaska WWI Memorial
Solec Kujawski   Bydgoszcz   Hitler’s Victims From Town and Gmina of Solec Kujawski 1939 - 1945
Solec Kujawski   Bydgoszcz  

War Memorials in the Churchyard of St. Stanisław the Bishop Catholic Church in Solec Kujawski

Sopot   Gdańsk   Sopot War Memorial
Szamotuły   Poznań   Szamotuły War Memorial
Sztutowo   Elbląg   Polish Prisoners at Stutthof Nazi Concentration Camp 1939-1944
Września   Poznań   Września Cemetery War Memorial
Zarszyn   Krosno   Memorial to Those from Zarszyn Parish Killed in WWII
Cemetery Headstones in Poland
  City/Village/Parish   Old Woj.   Cemetery
Biecz   Krosno   Biecz Cemetery Headstones
Brzozów   Krosno   Brzozów Cemetery Headstones
Bukowsko   Krosno   Bukowsko Cemetery Headstones
Charnowo   Słupsk   Charnowo German Cemetery Headstones
Dudyńce   Krosno   Dudyńce Cemetery Headstones
Jodłowa   Tarnow   Jodłowa Cemetery Headstones
Kruszyn   Wloclawek   Kruszyn and Smilowice Cemetery Headstones (Chojnacki burials only)
Kwiatonowice   Nowy Sącz   Kwiatonowice Cemetery Headstones
Łęka   Katowice   Łęka Parish Cemetery, Dąbrowa Górnicza Gmina and Powiat, Headstones
Nagorzany   Krosno   Nagorzany Cemetery Headstones
Namyślin   Gorzów Wielkopolski   Namyślin Cemetery Headstones
Nowa Wieś Wielka   Bydgoszcz   Nowa Wieś Wielka Cemetery Headstones
Nowotaniec   Krosno   Nowotaniec Small Cemetery Headstones
Nowotaniec   Krosno   Nowotaniec Large Cemetery Headstones
Odrzechowa   Krosno   Odrzechowa Cemetery Headstones
Pielnia   Krosno   Pielnia Cemetery Headstones
Płonna   Krosno   Płonna Cemetery Burial Memorial Plaques
Ropczyce   Rzeszów   Ropczyce Cemetery Headstones
Rzepedz   Krosno   Rzepedz Cemetery Headstones
Sierpc   Płock   Sierpc Cemetery Headstones
Szczawne   Krosno   Szczawne Cemetery Headstones
Trześniów   Krosno   Trześniów Cemetery Headstones
Wisłok Wielki   Krosno   Wisłok Wielki Headstones
Wizajny   Suwałki   Wizajny Parish Cemetery Headstones
Wolica   Krosno   Wolica Cemetery Headstones
Zarszyn   Krosno   Zarszyn Cemetery Headstones
Polish Cemetery Headstones in France
Brunoy       Polish Headstones in the Cemetery in Brunoy, France
Crosne       Polish Headstones in the Cemetery in Crosne, France
Graissessac       Polish Headstones in the Cemetery in Graissessac, France
Harnes       Polish Headstones in Harnes Cemetery in Pas de Calais, France
Limeil Brevannes       Polish Headstones in the Cemetery in Limeil Brevannes, France
Mandres les Roses       Polish Headstones in the Cemetery in Mandres les Roses, France
Santeny       Polish Headstones in the Cemetery in Santeny, France
Valenton       Polish Headstones in the Cemetery in Valenton, France
Vigneux Sur Seine       Polish Headstones in the Cemetery in Vigneux Sur Seine, France
Villecresnes       Polish Headstones in the Cemetery in Villecresnes, France
Villeneuve Saint Georges       Polish Headstones in the Cemetery in Villeneuve Saint Georges, France
Priests in Poland
  City/Village/Parish   Old Woj.   Cemetery
Brzozów   Rzeszów   Priests of Brzozów
Bukowsko   Krosno   Priests of Bukowsko — Cura Animarum
Kaczanowo   Poznań   Priests of St. Martin (sw. Marcin) Parish in Kaczanowo, 1404 - 2006
Kadzidło   Ostrołęka   Priests of Kadzidło
Pieranie   Bydgoszcz   Priests of Pieranie
Birth, Marriage, and Death Indexes
Ropczyce Parish   Powiat Ropczyce   Ropczyce Church Marriage Records 1820-1848
          Ropczyce Church Baptism Records 1845-1848
          Ropczyce Civil Birth Index 1889-1897
          Ropczyce Civil Marriage Index 1889-1897
          Ropczyce Civil Death Index 1891-1897
          Ropczyce Civil Birth Index 1898-1907
          Ropczyce Civil Marriage Index 1898-1907
          Ropczyce Civil Death Index 1898-1907
Ostrów Parish   Powiat Ropczyce   Ostrów Church Marriage Records 1786-1895
          Ostrów Church Marriage Records 1895-1938
          Ostrów Church Baptism Records 1786-1839
          Ostrów Church Baptism Records 1870-1935
  Jewish Communities
Bukowsko       List of Jewish Residents from the Spis Parafialny Volume I
Bukowsko   1942   Jews Killed by German Nazis in 1942 Bukowsko
Bukowsko   1926-1945   Jewish Names from Documents of Bukowsko County 1926-1946
Bukowsko   2005   Neil Schwerd Family Trip to Bukowsko 2005 (offsite video, YouTube)
Bukowsko   1853   List of Bukowsko Homeowners including Jews (offsite)
Niebieszczany       Jewish Graves
  Signatures of Polish School Children
Bukowsko   1926   Signatures of Bukowsko Elementary School Students, 1926
(Polish School System Tribute to the American People in Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Independence of the United States)